Babyflo Raffle Prizes and Mechanics



Monthly draw: (5 winners every month)

– 1 pc Apple Ipod touch (8gb)

– 1 pc SAMSUNG CAM SH100

– 1 pc Nintendo DSI

– 1 pc Elba Gas Range

– 1 pc Panasonic TH LCD TV 32 inches

Major raffle Draw

– 3 winners for Nintendo Wii

– 3 winners for Apple IPAD (wifi/3G) 16GB)

– 3 winners for SONY VAIO Laptop

– 1 Dad & Mom trip to Singapore (Plane ticket and hotel accommodation)

– 3 day Family trip to Hongkong (5 pax) (Plane ticket and Hotel accommodation)

How to Join and Who are Eligible to Join:

For a consumer to join the raffle promo, he/she must:

1. be a subscriber of Globe Handyphone (Globe), TM (Touch Mobile), SMART, Talk n Text, Sun Cellular/ Red Mobile whether in Postpaid or Prepaid plan;

2. have purchased 1 pc of Babyflo Gentle Buds either 200 tips in plastic pack or 300 tips in canister with sticker containing the unique raffle entry code.

3. have registered and submitted/texted correctly the unique code printed on the sticker attached to Babyflo Gentle Buds raffle promo packs

4. have sent his/her entry on or before the cut-off dates within May 16 to December 15, 2011 raffle duration.


For the Monthly Draws : every 29th of the month

For the Grand Draw : 12:00pm of December 15, 2011

How to Register:

1. Consumers need to text the unique code (found in a raffle sticker attached to either Babyflo Gentle Buds pack of 200 tips in plastic pack or 300 tips in canister) in correct format and sequence as shown below to 2948:

Syntax: Babyflo

Example: Babyflo 123456

2. Consumers will receive a confirmation of entry and an invitation to register the entry. To register, the consumers need to enter the following information in the correct format and sequence as shown below and send to 2948.

Syntax: REG Babyflo

Example: REG Babyflo Ann Jaymalin/CaintaRizal/21/Female

3. Registration is a one time process and is free of charge

4. Consumers will receive the following confirmation text:

“Thank you for joining Babyflo’s ‘Sa Malinis na Tenga, Panalo ang Pamilya!’ promo. Keep on buying Babyflo Gentle Buds pack of 200’s or 300’s to earn more entries. This message is free. Per DTINCR Permit 0614 series 2011.”

How to Earn Entries:

1. For every purchase of Babyflo Gentle Buds pack of 200 tips in plastic pack or 300 tips in canister with a raffle sticker containing a unique code, the consumer will be entitled to 1 raffle entry.

--1 unique code is equivalent to 1 raffle entry--

2. Consumers can buy as many Babyflo Gentle Buds packs of 200’s or 300’s with raffle stickers as they want to have more raffle entries provided that they text the unique codes to 2948.

a. The more unique code entries the consumer text the more chances of winning in the raffle.

3. Each entry costs Php2.50 for all network subscribers.

Requirements to Validate Entries:

1.Entries to be qualified must:

a. be registered to “Sa Malinis na Tenga, Panalo ang Pamilya!”

b. have been submitted/texted within the duration of the promotion, May 16 - December 15, 2011;

c. have been confirmed via text from Megamobile Inc. access number 2948;

d. be included in Megamobile Inc. system database within the promotion period.

2. All participants are presumed to have read, understood, agreed and abided with the promo’s complete rules and regulations.

Provisions on Invalid Entries:

The following entries will be disqualified:

1. Entries with invalid syntax;

2. Entries with invalid text codes;

3. Entries without registered information;

4. Entries submitted beyond the promo duration

Who are NOT qualified/eligible to join the promo:

All employees of Philusa Corporation, Celestial Media, Globe Telecoms, Smart communications, Sun Cellular and Digitel Telecommunications Philippines, Innove Communications, Megamobile Inc., Mercury Group of Companies, including their agencies and their relatives up to the second degree of affinity or consanguinity, are disqualified from joining the promo.

Determination of Winning Text Entries:

1. Winners must be subscribers of Smart/Talk n Text/ Sun/Globe/TM/Red mobile whether in Postpaid or Prepaid plan.

2. The 5 winners every month and 11 winners in the grand draw will be chosen from the qualified entries received from May 16 to December 15, 2011.

3. Entries received within the promo period will be drawn every 30th of the month for monthly prizes, and 15th of December for the grand prizes (please see above raffle draw dates table). If the 30th of the month falls on a weekend or a holiday, the raffle draw will be moved to the next working day.

4. Unique code entries not drawn in the previous monthly draw(s) will not be included anymore in the succeeding monthly draw but will still be qualified in the Grand draw.

5. A participant can only win once per monthly draw date. However, the previous monthly winners can still win in the succeeding monthly draws provided that they will text the new unique code entries within the particular monthly raffle draw period

6. The “Board of Judges”, composed of duly authorized representatives from Megamobile Inc. and DTI, will supervise the drawing of winners. Decisions of the Board of Judges are final.

Validation Process:

1. Winners will be notified by a text from Megamobile Inc.’s special access number. This will be followed by a call from Megamobile Inc.’s authorized representative and by a registered mail from Megamobile Inc. within 15 days from the draw dates.

2. The winners will also be announced in major broadsheets monthly.

Redemption of Prizes:

1. The winner must present the following to claim his/her prize:

a. Proof of purchase: empty pack of Babyflo Gentle Buds 200’s or 300’s with the winning unique code sticker

b. Valid ID with picture and address;

c. The registered mail they received from Megamobile Inc.

2. If the sender of the winning entry is a minor, then he/she must be accompanied by his/her parent/legal guardian when claiming their prize. The winner’s parent/legal guardian must then present his/her valid identification and proof that his/her is the parent/ legal guardian of the subscriber.

IMPORTANT: Failure to submit any of the required proofs and documentations is a ground for disqualification

3. Qualified winners must claim their prizes within sixty (60) days from the receipt of notification. Failure to claim within the allotted time/duration forfeits the winner’s right over the prize with prior DTI approval.

4. Acceptance of the prize constitutes the permission to use the winner’s name and image for advertising purposes without further notice, unless prohibited by law.

5. For Metro Manila winners, the prize may be claimed at PHILUSA CORPORATION office located at #28 Shaw Blvd, Pasig City. For provincial winners, PHILUSA CORPORATION shall contact the winners and make arrangements for claiming the prizes.


• Gadgets are not convertible to cash.

• Trip to Hongkong and Singapore are not convertible to cash. Terminal fee, pocket money and food are not included. The trip package prizes are transferrable.


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